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Pathways Franchise

By being part of the Pathways Prenatal franchise, you will receive a license for the entire program along with your own customizable website and rights to use our branding and logo!

All you need to do to start your own Pathways Prenatal education business, is purchase your own domain name - can be www.pathways(yourarea).com/.ca, and add it to your website. Then find a location to teach at, set your own prices, dates and times, and decide whether you want to teach extended group classes, one day group workshops, or private prenatal classes. 

Just start marketing to your area and then you're all ready to start teaching!

Build your own prenatal program and teach what you feel comfortable teaching!

Why take prenatal classes?

Common birth terms

Pregnancy Anatomy

General Labour Timeline

Roles of the birth team

Informed Choice and Consent

Psychology of labour

Fears Surrounding Birth

Birth hormones

Stages and phases of labour

Early Labour

Active Labour

Transition to Pushing

Heading to the Hospital/Calling Birth Team

Working through contractions

Words of Affirmation

Birth interventions

Intervention prevention

Natural Pain Management

Medical Pain Management

Labour Variations

Birth preferences

Body Preparation

Core Anatomy

Birth Anatomy

Fetal positioning

Cardinal movements of birth

Stalled/Slow/Failure to Progress

Labour Positions

  • After Baby's Arrival

  • Golden Hour

  • The Fourth Trimester

  • Your Postpartum Mind

  • Adjust Your Thinking

  • Your Postpartum Body

  • Adjusting to Your New Life

  • Taking Care of a Newborn

  • Safe Sleep

  • Breastfeeding Basics

  • For the Partner

  • Labour Tasks for the Partner

  • Cesarean Sections

  • VBAC info

  • NICU Tidbits

  • Placenta Tour

  • Going Overdue

  • Preparing for a Homebirth

  • Golden Hour - Baby's Instinctive Phases

  • Group B Strep and Gut Health

  • It Starts at Birth

  • Common Birth Complications

  • What to pack checklist

  • Postpartum must-haves

  • Birth acronyms (BRAIN & TACO)

  • Padsicles recipe

  • Labour aid recipe

  • Dice Game


Time is money. Save yourself the time it would take to build your own prenatal education business, and get to teaching right away!

With the Pathways Franchise you will receive;

  • 70 pages of teachable content

  • 5 different colour palettes to choose from

  • Teachers guide

  • Website template

  • Digital marketing materials

  • Pathways logo customized to your area

  • Info on how to set up private or group classes

  • Slideshow

  • Info on how to teach body preparation

Example of Printable Program

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