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It's your path, your way.

Why are prenatal classes important?

Every day, we are surrounded with information and research that is constantly changing and often contradictory. Many people can get overwhelmed by the amount of advice and information around them. This may lead them to choose to remain indifferent and just accept and adapt to whatever comes their way. This isn't a bad place to be, but in the birth setting, this indifference can often lead to unexpected outcomes that could have been prevented. With a little preparation, both mentally and physically, and the knowledge of options available, you or your clients can feel more in control of the birthing experience!

Birth workers and Educators

Download. Teach. Change the birth world!


About our program;

  • Focuses on all types of birth - medicated and non-medicated, in any setting.

  • Can be organized to what you feel comfortable teaching.

Here's what you get;

  • Individual file downloads for customizable teaching formats 

  • Five colour options to choose from, to fit with your branding

  • Lifetime license 

  • Ready to print programs and handouts

  • Teaching guides

  • Slideshow

  • Access to our educators lounge with updated and newly added information and handouts.

Topics covered;

  • Birth preparation

  • Body preparation

  • Medically managed birth

  • Non-medical birth

  • Physiology of birth (mind and body)

  • Labour positions based on fetal station

  • Postpartum preparation

  • Breastfeeding education

  • And so much more!

Birthing Families

Shop birth guides; 4 Steps to an Easier Birth, Early Labour Prep, Labour Positions, Breastfeeding in the Fourth Trimester.

Learn at your own pace, with our comprehensive and well-rounded online childbirth preparation course.

Find a Pathways Prenatal educator in your area.


Chelsea Bootsman

Full Spectrum Birth and Bereavement Doula, Breastfeeding Educator, Certified Body Ready Method Practitioner, Birth Photographer & Videographer


I am a mother of 4 between the ages of 14-7 (two boys and two girls) and have been a birth doula since 2015, with trainings through Stillbirthday, DONA International, Bebo Mia, Body Ready Method by One Strong Mama, Rebozo For Birth, Spinning Babies, Birthing Advocacy Trainings, H.E.R.B.A.L. Trainings, Crisis Pregnancy, and Psoas for Labour and Birth with Liz Koch.

Reminiscing about how it all started, and why I became interested in birth and teaching others, has me wondering why birth and postpartum preparation isn't shouted from the mountain tops.

I had four babies (three in the hospital and one at home), and even took a birth doula training before having my last baby, but still felt like I knew NOTHING about birth, my body, or postpartum. 

Today, after having taught close to 100 women and families about birth, I feel like my clients are better prepared for their births, than I was after having my fourth baby, and having taken a doula training.

So rather than shouting it from the mountain tops, I figured why not help others "spread the word" on how to have easier and healthier birthing experiences.

We've all heard that knowledge is power, so let's all get powerful together!


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