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For Educators

Do you have a passion for women, pregnancy, birth, and babies?

Pregnant Woman

Would you love to see more informed choice, less birth trauma, and more positive birthing outcomes in the area you live?

Are you a birth worker or trained childbirth educator who is finding it overwhelming trying to put together your own prenatal class?

Or are you struggling to find time to create your own teaching program?

Our fully customizable prenatal education program comes with a lifetime license to teach to classes or personal clientele. It pays for itself quickly and sets you up for an influx of birthing families who trust you to guide them through their journey.

With this program, you can;

  • Integrate prenatal education into your doula or birth work business

  • Join the Pathways Prenatal franchise (includes a website and branding)

  • Teach private prenatal classes

  • Teach group prenatal classes

  • Design your own class from the pages provided


Build your own prenatal program from what 's included, and teach what you feel comfortable teaching!

Common birth terms

Pregnancy Anatomy

General Labour Timeline

Roles of the birth team

Informed Choice and Consent

Psychology of labour

Fears Surrounding Birth

Birth hormones

Stages and phases of labour

Early Labour

Active Labour

Transition to Pushing

Heading to the Hospital/Calling Birth Team

Working through contractions

  • Words of Affirmation

  • Birth interventions

  • Intervention prevention

  • Natural Pain Management

  • Medical Pain Management

  • Labour Variations

  • Birth preferences

  • Body Preparation

  • Core Anatomy

  • Birth Anatomy

  • Fetal positioning

  • Cardinal movements of birth

  • Stalled/Slow/Failure to Progress

  • Labour Positions

After Baby's Arrival

Golden Hour

The Fourth Trimester

Your Postpartum Mind

Adjust Your Thinking

Your Postpartum Body

Adjusting to Your New Life

Taking Care of a Newborn

Safe Sleep

Breastfeeding Basics

For the Partner

Labour Tasks for the Partner

Cesarean Sections


  • NICU Tidbits

  • Placenta Tour

  • Going Overdue

  • Preparing for a Homebirth

  • Golden Hour - Baby's Instinctive Phases

  • Group B Strep and Gut Health

  • It Starts at Birth

  • Common Birth Complications

  • What to pack checklist

  • Postpartum must-haves

  • Birth acronyms (BRAIN & TACO)

  • Padsicles recipe

  • Labour aid recipe

  • So much more!


License the Full Program  -  $597 CAD
(valued at over $1000)

License the full prenatal education program and integrate it into the business you've already built.


You will receive;

  • 70+ pages of teachable content

  • 5 different colour palettes to choose from

  • Teacher's guide

  • Info on how to set up private or group classes

  • Customizable slideshow

  • Info on how to teach body preparation.

Everything is already done for you,
you just have to teach and start changing the birth world!


Join the Pathways Franchise  -  $1497 CAD
(valued at over $3000)

It's basically a business in a box, with very little investment, but a high return.

You will receive;

  • 70+ pages of teachable content

  • 5 different colour palettes to choose from

  • Teacher's guide

  • Website template

  • Digital marketing materials

  • Pathways logo customized to your area

  • Info on how to set up private or group classes

  • Slideshow

  • Info on how to teach body preparation

By being part of the Pathways Prenatal franchise, you will receive a license for the entire program along with your own customizable website template and rights to use our branding and logo.

All you need to do to start your own Pathways Prenatal education business, is purchase your own domain name - can be www.pathways(yourarea).com/.ca, and add it to your new Pathways website.

Then find a location to teach at, set your own prices, dates and times, and decide whether you want to teach weekly group classes, one day group workshops, or private prenatal classes. 

Market your classes to your area and then you're all ready to start teaching, making more money and changing birthing experiences!

Imagine a world where every pregnant women is educated on her birthing options, what to expect, and how to advocate for what she wants.
This could be a possibility, starting with educators like you!

Purchase Individual Licenses

Don't need a full prenatal education program?

You can license individual program bundles and just teach what you need to!

The Full Program

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