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Labour and Birth Preparation
PDF printable teaching guide for doulas and childbirth educators.
Purchase includes lifetime licensing to teach and print.

This easy to follow 55 page guide goes over;
- Common birth terms
- Pregnancy anatomy
- General labour timeline
- Roles of the birth team
- Informed choice and consent
- Psychology of labour
- Fears surrounding labour
- Birth hormones
- Stages and phases of labour
- Early labour
- Active labour
- Transition and Pushing
- When to call/head in
- Working through contractions
- Words of affirmation
- Natural pain management
- Medical pain management
- Common interventions
- Intervention prevention
- Labour variations
- Stalled labour
- Fetal positioning
- Birth preferences
- Comfort measures
- Labour positions
- After baby's arrival
- Golden hour
Extra's including;
- Birth acronyms (brain, taco)
- What to pack
- Preparing for a homebirth
- Going overdue
- Can my body give birth
- It starts at birth
- GBS and gut health
- For the partner
- Labour tasks for the partner
- Anatomy of contractions
- Cardinal movements of birth
- Placenta tour
- Cesarean birth
- VBAC info
- NICU tidbits
- Common birth complications
- Labour aid recipe

About this document;
- In English.
- Created by a mom of four and full spectrum birth doula/childbirth educator.
- This document is created for doulas and childbirth educators to use as a teaching tool.

As the purchaser of this licensed document, you may:
- Print and use this document for personal use.
- Print and use this document for prenatal teaching, as a business.
- Print and give this document out to clients.

As the purchaser of this licensed document, you may not:
- Replicate the guide into your own form and sell the document as your own.
- Sell this document as a printed document or download.
- Use this document as a free email opt-in.
- Give away or sell the digital files to anyone.


Labour and Birth Preparation

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