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Online Prenatal Course for Birthing Families

Would you go skiing for the first time without first taking lessons? You may end up at the bottom of the hill, but it might not be the easiest descent.


Gain confidence before going into your birthing journey, by working at your own pace through this easy to follow course. 

Each module includes both written text and video to accommodate different learning needs.


Give yourself the best start when it comes to your birthing experience.

This prenatal education class covers;

  • Labour and birth preparation

  • Mind and body preparation

  • Postpartum preparation

  • Birthing with pain medications

  • Birthing without pain medications

  • Common birth interventions

  • So much more!

The more you prepare for birth, the better you will feel about the outcome, no matter what that may look like.

General Prep;

  • History of Birth

  • Overview of labour

  • Roles of the birth team

  • Informed choice & consent

  • Psychology of birth

  • Fears surrounding labour

  • Breathing exercise

Childbirth Education;

  • Common birth terms

  • Birth hormones

  • Stages and phases of labour

  • Contraction patterns

  • What you might be feeling

  • Working through contractions

  • Labour variations

  • Common birth complications

  • Common interventions

  • Intervention prevention

  • Pain management

  • Birth preferences

Body Prep;

  • Preparing your body

  • Muscles and ligaments

  • Fetal positions

  • Prenatal body balancing

  • Labour positions & Comfort measures

Postpartum Education;

  • Immediate postpartum

  • Golden hour

  • The 4th trimester

  • Your postpartum mind

  • Adjusting your thinking

  • Your postpartum body

  • Adjusting to your new life

  • Taking care of a newborn

  • Safe sleep

  • Breastfeeding basics

It's okay to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information around you. That is why we love the option for learning at your own pace.
You are in control of how and what you learn.

Below are a few examples of the module handouts that are included with the course.

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