4 Steps To An Easier Birth
PDF printable and e-guide for expectant persons, or childbirth educators.
This guide is recommended for first time birthers as well as experienced birthers.

This guide includes 10 pages that go over the elements of Psychology, Oxytocin, Balance and Movement, and Fetal Positioning, and how they all work together prenatally and during labour.
These four elements have been practiced and observed through many different types of birthing experiences, and while they are not the end all/be all for how a birth will play out, they are believed to be major driving factors for a more desirable outcome.

About this document;
- In English.
- Uses inclusive and neutral language.
- Information works for planned home, birth center, or hospital deliveries.
- Created by a mom of four and birth doula/childbirth educator.

4 Steps To An Easier Birth

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