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Breastfeeding in the fourth trimester
PDF printable and e-guide for expectant mothers, or childbirth educators.
This guide can help first time birthers as well as experienced birthers.

This 10 page guide walks through;
- Getting ready to breastfeed
- Birth interventions and challenges
- The first hour
- Getting baby latched
- Feeding positions
- Feeding tips
- Colostrum
- Glorious milk
- Foremilk vs. hindmilk
- Supply & demand
- Barriers to milk production
- Making more milk
- Nibbling vs. drinking
- Baby's hunger cues
- Baby's intake and output
- The letdown
- Feeing times
- Alternatives
- Milk storage
- Healthy eating

About this document;
- In English.
- Created by a mom of four and birth doula/childbirth educator.

• Guides can be printed and used by childbirth educators and doulas, but must not be altered in any way or resold.
• Digital guide files are for a single user only and must not be shared or resold.


Breastfeeding in the Fourth Trimester Guide

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