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Early Labour Prep Guide
PDF printable and e-guide for expectant parents.
This guide can help first time birthers as well as experienced birthers.

Early labour, for most, is seen as a time to rest, relax, do a little baking, etc.
In fact, this is what I have always told my doula clients to do, at the onset of contractions. However, I’m realizing more and more that while early labour is a time to relax and focus in on the journey ahead, it’s also a time to prepare both physically and mentally for the journey ahead, much like getting ready to run a marathon (cliche,I know, but it’s really the best example).
If you were getting ready to run a marathon, you wouldn't do it without first stretching, fueling your body with healthy food and water, and preparing your mind to get through it.
In the same regard, why would we not do the same, before going through labour?
Many pregnant people feel those first telltale signs that they might be in labour, but have no clue what to do next - like when to head to the hospital, if they should try to sleep, or if they should simply go about their day.
My goal with guide is to help the average low risk birther know what this early labour stage can be used for, but to also help them feel confident and proactive in knowing how to prepare, in order to have an easier labour overall.

This 7 page guide walks through;
- Water breaking: When it can happen and what to do.
- What to do when contractions start.
- Activity timeline for labouring at home, or preparing for a homebirth.
- Contraction pattern and what each stage may look like.
- When to head to the hospital or birth center.
- What to do when....

About this document;
- In English.
- Information works for planned home, birth center, or hospital deliveries.
- Created by a mom of four and birth doula/childbirth educator.

• Guides can be printed and used by childbirth educators and doulas, but must not be altered in any way or resold.
• Digital guide files are for a single user only and must not be shared or resold.


Early Labour Prep Guide

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