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Labour positions and comfort measures guide
PDF printable and e-guide for pregnant women.
This guide can be useful for first time birthers as well as experienced birthers.

This guide goes through common comfort measures as well as labouring positions that encourage body balancing for optimal fetal positioning for different stages of labour.

This 14 page guide includes;
- Understanding labour positioning
- Anatomy of labour positions
- 9 comfort measures
- 9 positions for early labour
- 9 positions for active labour
- 7 positions for pushing
- What to do when.../early labour
- What to do when.../active labour
- What to do when.../transition & pushing

About this document;
- In English.
- Information works for planned home, birth center, or hospital deliveries.
- Created by a mom of four and birth doula/childbirth educator.

• Guides can be printed and used by childbirth educators and doulas, but must not be altered in any way or resold.
• Digital guide files are for use by the purchaser only and must not be shared or resold.

Labour Positions and Comfort Measures Guide

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