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Body Balancing Activities Guide
PDF printable and e-guide for pregnant women.
This guide can help first time birthers as well as experienced birthers.

This stretching guide is meant to help lengthen and balance uterine and pelvic muscles and ligaments that may become tight or imbalanced from daily habits, posture, past injuries, etc.
If done properly at least every other day, in the last few weeks or months of pregnancy or during early labour, these stretches can help alleviate back pain and other common pregnancy pains and discomforts, while also allowing better function and more room in your pelvis, for baby to engage into an ideal birthing position - which could lead to a shorter, easier labour with less interventions.

This easy to follow 5 page guide goes over 15 Prenatal and early labour body balancing stretches, with images and descriptions.

About this document;
- In English.
- Information works for planned home, birth center, or hospital deliveries.
- Created by a mom of four and birth doula/childbirth educator.

• Guides can be printed and used by childbirth educators and doulas, but must not be altered in any way or resold.
• Digital guide files are for a single user only and must not be shared or resold.

Prenatal Body Balancing Guide

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